2013 running list of Indian men and husbands driven to suicide due to abuse from wife and female partner

Middle aged man commits suicide

In Mumbai, man leaves 44-minute 'suicide note' on video

पत्नी के अवैध संबंधों के कारण पति ने की आत्महत्या!

सब्जी नहीं लाने पर पत्नी ने किया हंगामा, पति ने दी जान

Fights between mom,wife drove constable to suicide


Man hangs self, blames wife and lover on video


Accused of dowry death, Salem Tabri man tries suicide


Man hangs son, self over wife's illicit affair


Army Jawan ends life in Bhopal

पति की धमकियो से शुब्ध युवक ने दी जान - Amar Ujala Varanasi Sept 21,2013 

पहले तो कर ली लव मैरिज, फिर झेलनी पड़ी एक आफत जिसने ले ली जान


One married man commits suicide every 9 minute

Doctor kills wife, daughter and in-laws, commits suicide

Congressman's son ends life in Hussainsagar

Husband suicide in Rural India due to spousal abuse

न्यायालय भवन से कूद युवक ने दी जान

ससुराल वालों की प्रताड़ना से पीड़ित युवक ने न्यायालय भवन की पांचवी मंजिल से कूदकर जान दे दी। तलाशी के दौरान जेब से मिले सुसाइड नोट में उसने इसका जिक्र किया है। ससुराल वालों के खिलाफ उसने एसएसपी से गुहार भी लगाई थी।

अवैध संबंध में पति बना बाधा, पत्‍‌नी ने सुपारी देकर करा दी हत्या

Husband commits Suicide, brother blames Wife and in-laws

Newlywed techie kills self after tiff with wife

सुसर ने उसके साथ किया ऐसा काम कि कोर्ट में दी युवक ने जान

प्यार में मिले धोखे ने ले ली जान, सुसाइड नोट में लिखा लड़कियों से प्यार मत करना

Youth ends life after wife refuses to return

Delhi: Harassed by in-laws, man commits suicide

Man commits suicide after wife refuses to return

Married man commits suicide in UP

Man commits suicide after wife deserts him

BJP leader's relative commits suicide in Kanpur

Man commits suicide after participating on Rakhi Ka Insaaf

Rape allegation by wife pushes husband to commit suicide

Under-trial commits suicide in Jharkhand jail

Techie ends life, names wife, mom-in-law

Noida: Man hangs self after argument with wife

24-yr-old youth commits suicide; blames in-laws

Husband commits Suicide, brother blames Wife and in-laws

Jail inmate commits suicide

Man kills himself over dowry complaint

Daughter-in-law's false complaint drives elderly couple to suicide

Man kills four, commits suicide

ससुराल में खेला खूनी खेल, फिर मौत की नींद सो गया यह 'हैवान'

Woman abetted in-laws' suicide

Not accidental anymore

For want of train tickets, abetment to suicide suspects still free?

PSI shoots himself dead with service revolver

Harassed by in-law man hangs himself

Cops book wife for man’s suicide


Chembur man blamed wife, in-laws in suicide note on bedroom wall

Husband commits Suicide, brother blames Wife and in-laws

24-yr-old youth commits suicide; blames in-laws

Civil engineer hangs self

Man hangs 1-yr-old child, self in Kota

इंडियन ऑयल के असिस्टेंट मैनेजर ने लगाई फांसी

Haryana youth offers to sell organs to pay off wife

Woman, lover held for murdering hubby

Accused of molestation by daughter-in-law, man commits suicide, blames her

बीवी से परेशान युवक ने की खुदकुशी

What makes our men suicidal?

Husband finds better solution to false 498a-kills four of wife's family

दिल टूटने की वजह से शादीशुदा मर्द ज्यादा कर रहे हैं 

पत्नी से कहासुनी से नाराज सेना अधिकारी ने की आत्महत्याhttp://navbharattimes.indiatimes.com/other-cities/lucknow/army-officer-commited-suicide-after-quuarel-with-his-wife/articleshow/20799242.cms

Family-related problems are biggest reason for suicide in Bangalore

Under trial commits suicide in Faridkot jail; 6th death in less than 3 months

पत्नी ने प्रेमी संग मिल रची थी हत्या की साजिश

Women’s empowerment and ego problems are spoiling society: HC judge

Chennai woman Shahanaz duped 15 husbands, ran away with their money

Women named in dowry harassment jump before train

Dowry death accused mother in law commits suicide in jail 

50-yr-old woman undertrial hangs self in jail

Angry wife kills man over affair

Missing activist's bones found, wife killed him

A 36-year-old industrialist and businessman Madhukiran allegedly committed suicide in his residence in Mahalakshmipuram. His parents allege that his wife harassed him to commit suicide late last night

Realtor commits suicide in Bangalore

Woman accused in doctor's murder sends private parts to his wife


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